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Dr. Randy Sachau


Also known as Doc, this dentist of 40+ years has learned how to be efficient and gentle while taking care of the most difficult dentistry.   Quite often treatments are finished to the surprise of patients without them even noticing the grand events going on in their mouth!  Starting his practice in 1978 his devotion to his hometown community, practice, patients, and staff doesn’t come close to describing this one-in-a-million Dentist.  An investigator for the SD Board of Dentistry, top 10% of his Loyola University of Chicago Dental school, LD Pankey Institute attendee, and so much more (see credentials) don’t be fooled….he has some pretty random side gigs. 

Can we just take a rabbit trail into this randomness for a second? Planes…the guy loves airplanes! So much that instead of getting his driver’s license he paid for PILOT lessons with his paper route money and got that FIRST! Now he’s building his own airplane. Random we know, but it doesn’t stop there. Also, this guy loves food and pie making quickly made it on the list of his random endeavors . The staff don’t mind being avid supporters to this little side gig…of course they always say he needs more practice, like a pie a week practice. But in all seriousness this isn’t your typical Dentist. He likes to give you the education you need to stop having work done in the first place. True salt-of-the-earth style. 

Randy Sachau and Hollyn

Donna Sachau

Registered Dental Hygienist

Donna Sachau is our Ace-in-the-hole. She received her bachelor of science degree in Dental Hygiene from Loyola University in Chicago, IL. Practicing dental hygiene for 40+ years alongside her husband, Randy, they make an amazing team! Being cross-trained to be a dental assistant or receptionist she comes to our rescue whenever necessary as our ace just in case! This delightful duo grew up in Spearfish, SD and raised their 4 children here. Donna enjoys spending time with family and friends, leading Bible studies, antiquing, and hiking in the beautiful Black Hills.


Janci Herr

Dental Assistant and Marketing Coordinator

Well there’s too many nicknames for this 3+ year Dental Assistant. As Doc’s right hand gal (or left in his case) an opportunity for a nickname is never missed observing her work from 6 inches away. Patients most often get some entertainment and distraction out of the random conversations between the two. Being a lovers of food you may leave with a recipe or two from the chat. As a small town farm girl she is resourceful and tends to be drawn to fixing anything she can. Dabbling in the office Marketing and Business Development she tries her best to make to help you feel at ease and get a good laugh while you endure your procedure.  



Registered Dental Hygienist

AKA our Hygienist Superwoman of 11+ years. Although she’s from East River we love her just the same. With a family of 5 she never misses a beat or plaque for that matter. She’s always upbeat and willing to jump in to help her work family out. One of the compliments we hear most about her work is how amazingly gentle she is! Being a wonderful conversationalist she will make you feel at ease, and yes guys she knows a thing or two about football. 




Helen=The wearer of many…many hats. As our Office Manager of 15+years she knows the ins’ and outs’ of the office as well as just about everything else in the dental realm. A true farm girl at heart she knows what hard work is. Not to mention has come blizzard or shine from Belle Fourche for all those years. Among the many plates she spins, the one she never drops is her kindness to patients.  She always greets our patients with a smile and a warm conversation to boot! 


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