Spearfish Dental Care that Solves Problems

How are we different?
We offer our patients great quality, long lasting dental care that solves their problems and offers the best value. We forego some of the latest gadgets and fads if they don't improve the quality or value. One example of that would be a laser device to replace the "drill." The laser sounds like it is state of the art, but it smells like burning flesh and costs a fortune. Why pay huge fees to have a poor result just to say you have had the latest and greatest?

Prevention - Keep Your Natural Teeth

There is a lot of lip service given to preventive medicine and dentistry, but how often, as a patient, are you really presented with the information you need to prevent problems before they cause you harm? Our desire for our patients is for them to live a lifetime with their natural teeth with the least intervention possible. For that to happen we help you learn all you need to know to take care of your own teeth and not depend on repairs every time you visit. The end result is a great smile and a happy patient.

Cosmetics - Cosmetics Accentuate Your Smile

The most beautiful smile is most often the one that you came with and it just needs to be maintained. When something does compromise that great smile of yours, we have a wide variety of methods to help regain or establish that beautiful smile you desire. Whether it be done with minor reshaping and restoration, color improvements, or more major treatments, we have the skills and resources to help.

Restoration - Restoration of Problem Areas

When people suffer the effects of tooth decay, periodontal disease, trauma, or developmental problems, your general health and well-being can be compromised. We have the ability to restore these problems using a wide variety of methods and materials that we choose to meet your specific needs. In more complex cases where specialty care is needed, we have a team of very capable specialists to refer to. When any of these specialists are used, we help coordinate the care and supervise the process so that you can be assured it is done well and fits in with your general treatment plan.

Headaches - They are Not Normal

Although many people, especially young women, suffer from headaches on a routine basis and learn to live with them, headaches are not normal. Headaches indicate that something is wrong. Over 30 percent of the population reports having headaches more than once per month. There are over 200 different medical causes for headache, but the vast majority of all headaches are the result of only one of these potential causes. That cause is muscle tension and fatigue that comes from clenching your teeth. This results in pain commonly in your temples and forehead, behind your eyes, and at the back of your neck just below your head.

It is important to have a proper exam and diagnosis to be assured that your headaches are not from one of the more serious causes, but once it is established that your headaches are of the muscle tension variety, we can offer a treatment that will effectively eliminate your headaches. It does not depend on any sort of drugs, injections, or surgery and costs less than the diagnostic procedures done by most neurologists.

If you are suffering from headaches more than once or twice per month, let us help you eliminate this from your life. It will put the smile back on your face and restore the twinkle in your eye.

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