What to Expect at Dr. Sachau’s Dental Office in Spearfish

Before you come to the dentist in Spearfish

We understand coming to the dentist can be a challenge, so here is some help:

  • Think positive. Try to be open minded about what the experience will be like. Less stress+relaxed=better experience.

  • Give yourself kudos for taking a step to care for your teeth.

  • If you’ve had a bad experience in the past, let us know so we can avoid repeating it.

  • Bringing in kiddos? Keep it light. Keep it positive. You are their role model.

  • Children do best without a parent in the room. They can then develop a good relationship with the doctor and staff.

Spearfish Dentist patient registration

To start we want to find out more about you. Please bring:

  • The completed Patient Registration attached. Your health and safety are most important to us.

  • Your current insurance card, if applicable.

  • Review our payment options and choose which option suits you best.

Ideally we like to start with a new patient exam, but we understand emergencies do come up. We will recommend a full exam once the emergency has been dealt with.

Your first visit to the dentist in Spearfish

Your first visit will typically consist of an examination, x-rays, and a discussion of your “chief concern” or what is most important to you

for us to address. In addition, we will:

  • Talk about various options available to treat your particular needs,

  • Discuss home care and diet with respect to preventative dentistry,

  • Discuss concerns related to dentistry such as sleep apnea, headache, neck pain or other issues that we notice.

Dentist Treatment Plans in Spearfish

A treatment plan is developed to:

  • Stop active disease such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, or other issues.

  • Establish stability by addressing diet, home care and regular cleanings,

  • Restore broken down or missing teeth to return your dentition to optimum health. Once an appropriate plan is made, we can work on timing and payment plans to fit your needs.

Spearfish Dentist Recare and Restorative Visits

Our philosophy is to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime with the least intervention by us. We do this by having regular check-up visits and teaching preventive measures. This allows us to monitor any changes you may have such as cavities, hygiene care, and diet. Also, it gives you the opportunity to ask questions and talk about any alternatives you may desire for your teeth. While the responsibility for returning for treatments rests with you, we try our best to schedule you in advance to reserve the time for your next visit. At the time of your visit please advise the office of any changes of contact info, dental insurance, and health/medication changes.

Dentist Scheduling Guidelines

We understand that scheduling is at the mercy of your work and home life whereas our scheduling is at the mercy of each patients need for care and timeliness. With this in mind please:

  • Consider that restorative appointments are scheduled by treatment time needed. We have to allow time for items such as anesthetic to work or materials to set.

  • Consider other patients when running late as it could conflict with their care. Be aware of travel time to appointment.

  • Understand that we may have to reschedule you if you are running late to be able to assist others/emergencies.

  • Let us know if you cannot keep your appointment. The further the advance notice the better. (preferably 24 hours)

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